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8月22日,洪易老師在台北學學文創基金會接受The china post英文中國郵報記者Dimitri Bruyas的專訪,Dimitri特別關心台灣藝術家在國際發展的可能性,他... -

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服務名稱:輔仁大學外語學院天主教教師與社會關懷-鮑端磊神父-The China Post專欄寫作歷程-學生專題發表會... -

I Don't Know How She Does It (凱特的慾望日記) - The China Post

It doesn't help that Sarah Jessica Parker, as the film's star, chimes in early and often with voiceovers that sound exactly like the kinds of observations she used to make as Carrie on “Sex and the City” (慾望城市), the role with which ... Copyright © 1999 – 2013 The China Post. Breaking news from Taiwan, China and the world.

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...中英文報紙都會報導,不必特別找哪一家報社。不過,根據我長期閱讀三家主要 英文 報的結果,china post基本上是比較頃向支持統一的報紙,如果硬要說哪家中文報紙...

Japan politician visits to seek family roots - The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taiwan-born senior Japanese politician Murata Renho (村田蓮舫) visited the clinic her grandfather worked in at the southern city of Tainan to get closer to her roots, yesterday. Born Hsieh Lien-fang (謝蓮舫), married to Murata Nobuyuki but commonly referred to by her first

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer(驚奇4超人:銀色衝浪手現身) - The China Post

The 2005 comic-book adaptation “Fantastic Four” set its sights low and succeeded — if that’s the word for it — as a breezy albeit featherweight entertainment. ... NEXT ARTICLE Die Hard 4.0(終極警探4.0)

中翻@The China Post (Day4-)

...古城及墨西哥蝴蝶獲世界認可 (這篇中文翻譯很多錯誤...)華盛頓/魁北克市,德通社-- 聯合國...的另一遺址:聖米圭爾衛城和教堂。 The resolution reached at the meeting... -

Greenberg (愛上草食男) - The China Post

The lesson Ben Stiller's praise-hungry actor learned in “Tropic Thunder” (開麥拉驚魂) was that “you never go full retard” when playing a simpleton in hopes of snaring an Academy Award. Stiller himself goes full nutcase, or near enough, in “Greenberg,” and while the results won't

Greenberg (愛上草食男) - The China Post

An awkward, fleeting, I-like-you-this-moment-but-despise-you-the-next love story tries to unfold around them, Roger continually spoiling things with a mean mouth that doesn't seem linked to either his brain or his heart. Florence and Roger might be kindred spirits only in the sense that she's a

Dance Subaru 芭蕾少女 - The China Post

Adapted from a hit Japanese manga, "Dance Subaru!" seems to be another good-looking but shallow Y.A. (young adult) film in the Asian market, though it is unexpectedly deep and attractive to any walk of audience. For main character Subaru (Kuroki Meisa), life is difficult after her mother dies from a

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看英文報紙學英文,中國郵報給你第一手的英文時事、英文新聞,讓你更易閱讀英文報紙,輕鬆吸收英文時事、英文新聞。 ... 25) 外僑為辦理國外所得稅申報等事宜所需要之英文納稅證明,應如何申請? ...

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...沒有之前緊張了 老師態度很和善 告訴我寫作上的缺失 推薦我看心靈雞湯的英文版網站 老師說我的文章在邏輯上沒有太大的問題 就是使用單字表達意思方面稍嫌不足... -

iROO opens biggest overseas store in Singapore - The China Post

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為台灣最大的英文媒體,並代理亞洲華爾街日報及美國第一大財經雜誌富比士, Taiwan, International, Asia,Sports, Arts, Life, Business, Commentary

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為台灣最大的英文媒體,並代理亞洲華爾街 ... 去世於一八四四年的達頓是最早為文描述這種視覺辨色障礙的人之一,他在感知橙色、黃色與綠色時,看到的卻是深淺不一的黃色。

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為台灣最大的英文媒體,並代理亞洲華爾街日報 ... 令人好奇的宗教大鎔爐

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為台灣最大的英文媒體,並代理亞洲華爾街 ... 十一月廿六日星期三,印度北部阿拉哈巴德市的一名婦女將西印度醋栗(又稱印度鵝莓)擺放整齊,好在批發市場裡銷售。

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為 ... 翻譯 ... 發生的事件,包括臉書幫助籌辦埃及民主改革示威,以及伊朗去年抗議艾馬加丹連任成功 ...

China Post Online - 英文報,新聞,台灣,雙語

英文中國郵報 (The China Post) 為國內第一份英文早報成立於1952年,創刊至今已逾54年,為 ... 翻譯 ... 在和共和黨候選人羅姆尼進行了漫長且艱困的選戰後,美國總統歐巴馬順利連任成功。

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這是王建民在季後賽第一場報導裡面的一段有點看不太懂While his signature sinker may have been erratic , the second-year pitcher showed the calm and poise if a grizzle veteran, locating his pitches when it counted to wiggle out of multiple jams.前面都看的懂 "locating his pitches when it counted to wiggl...

china post英文翻譯

1.The twin-engine jet was stopped by a 200-foot stretch of pavement injected with air bubbles designed to collapse under the weight of an aircraft as large as a Boeing737 jet traveling as fast as 50 knots.2.The flight from Las Vegas went too fast and descended at a steep angel when it landed.大至上...

China Post上的一句話英翻中並解釋

請問達人們,Year-end bonus draft done but announcement delayed怎麼翻中文呢?還有為何announcement 跟 delayed 中間不需加 "is"呢?謝謝。

china post 美牛議題文章翻譯

請問以下"like two shadow-boxers playing a sparring match on stage, with the sure knowledge that neither of them will win."的中文翻譯 謝絕翻譯軟體..謝謝!And all throughout the confrontation, both the KMT and the opposition have a very clear understanding that the beef ban can be lifted by an executiv...

請英文好手幫忙翻譯china post新聞英文

Ma blasted over swap report Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Ma Ying-jeou yesterday came under fire from opposition allies for reportedly claiming that his People First Party (PFP) counterpart James Soong had demanded a swap deal over the upcoming Taipei mayoral race and the 2008 presidential poll.Anti-gra...


我想問一些單字句子翻譯的問題"1.Have you seen the job adverdisement in The China Post ? (麻煩幫我翻譯一下這句的意思)2.The westernBank in Tokyo is looking for experienced employees in its new Japanese branch (麻煩幫我翻譯一下這句的意思)3.application申請書(麻煩幫我造例句)4.benefit利益 (麻煩幫我造...

可否幫我翻譯這篇文章 謝謝

Largest ivory smuggling case busted in kaohsiung2006/7/5The china post staffCustomes officers in kaohsiung southern taiwan yesterdaybusted the largest-ever ivory smuggling case in taiwan seizing over two tons of ivory at a wharf in kaohsiungharbor in two cargo containers from tanzania.customs off...


我英文不好 請幫幫我攸順便也打一下翻譯給我謝謝了 感恩將下列句子排列組合成一封信We are the leading microwave oven dealer in this city.Would you please send us a copy of your catalog and price list for microwave ovens?We are looking forward to your reply.We may be interested in placing regular orders f...


比方說reuters~times~AFP等等的歐洲英語報台北買的到嗎?taiwan news 和the china post之類的台灣出版英文報不能算我要國外的歐洲佳這種的也不適用因為我沒有要長期訂閱我都上網看要買是因為要寫作業


拜託大家 希望有心人士可以幫我這是中國郵報的一篇新聞!請幫我翻譯依下 謝謝NT$160 bil. to help local gov'ts: MaThe China Post news staffTAIPEI, Taiwan -- President-elect Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday he will provide a NT$160 billion subsidy for local governments that have been facing trouble gettin...


KMT\'s Ma to move to recall President Chen, spokeswoman says2006/2/28The China Post staffOpposition Kuomintang (KMT) leader Ma Ying-jeou will make a move to recall President Chen Shui-bian, Ma\'s spokeswoman said yesterday, following Chen\'s announcement that a council for charting unification with ...

一句標題 ~中翻英

昨天從China post 看到經濟板這個標題..請問中文該怎麼翻譯? 感謝 US consumer confidence sees decline from 5 1/2-year high抱歉我的標題下錯..是英翻中喔 To A-HA : sees decline 不是看衰或是減少的意思嗎?? 這是完整句子. 新聞標題 完整新聞內容如下, 但我只需要標題的中文翻譯即可WA...


我在China Post上看到幾個字典上查不到的單字和片語,請各位英文高手幫忙解答。感恩阿~~nanobotsickle cell anemiaexergamerule the roostthen-boyfriendtax formswag suite


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English Question (Fill in each blank with a suitable word)

Once again we have arranged a superb Holiday Reading Programme at all 7-Eleven and Daily Shops thoughout Hong Kong for the(1)_____holiday from 15th July(2)_____31st August for a period of 48 days.(3)_____students who purchases a Passport is guaranteed a (4)_____of the South China Post and Sunday Pos...


如題,今日(十月七日)的China Post,後面英文漫畫「巨人歷史中的關鍵時刻」如圖:這篇The Argyle Sweater的漫畫我看不懂,有隱含對時事的諷刺嗎麻煩看得懂的高手為我解釋,這四格跟巨人有什麼關聯可以的話,請順便說說相關事件和評論,作業需求,感激不盡!不好意思那個網站連結進...


拜託....很緊急SHANGHAI -- China overtook the United States as the largest auto market in the world in January, according to data published by Chinese state media on Tuesday. A total of 735,000 automobiles were sold in China last month, state television said, citing Dong Yang, deputy director of the ...


I wil go to the China ! And will not come back Taiwan ! Good bye~I will miss you and other friend ! Don't forget me~

Business Week 文章翻譯 - 5

煩請處理!!!The China benchmark will increase the pressure on Toyota's traditional suppliers. But so will the company's efforts to court more non-Japanese suppliers to find the best price. And parts makers like Bosch and Delphi, which turn out everything from air bags to transmissions, are no...


新聞英文一下子 過去式一下字過去進行一下子被動 一下字現在而有些字還省略......... 我怎麼知道啊 = ="今天考試考填空 = ="我的時式最弱了 ~"~ 誰可以教我ex: Indonesian airports "closed" due to haze為啥時 closed? closing 不行嗎... 吼~~~好煩可是老師就抓一篇文章的 Headline = ="我也看不懂它想說啥就是 ...